Re: Packaging 7854 scope for shipment?

Tony Fleming

When I received mine it was bubble wrapped, that was in a box. Than a
second box that had a space about 1" or so around filled with the plastic
"peanuts" (for a lack of a better word). FedEx was great and no physical
damage was done to my scope!
I would use a heavier box on the outside and regular box inside. Insurance
is good also, so if something goes wrong.....

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 3:24 PM Brad Thompson <brad.thompsonaa1ip@...>


I'm thinking of offering my 7854 FS and I'd appreciate advice on
packaging it
for survival on shipment to U.S. addresses. IIRC, packing the plug-ins and
keyboard separately is advisable, as is double-boxing the mainframe.
I'd plan on swaddling the scope in multiple layers of bubble-wrap, with
a sheet
of resilient foam to protect the front panel.

Our local pack-and-ship store has a bad reputation. Has anyone
successfully used a
commercial mover that offers pack-and-ship services?

If packing turns out to be a hassle, I'll list it for local pickup only.

Thanks in advance, and 73--

Brad AA1IP
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