Re: Replacing Power LED/light on TEK 2465BCT

John Ferguson

Where are you?

I ask because Chuck Harris calibrated one of my?? 2445Bs?? as well as re-capping the PS and fixing some other problems.?? I am happy with the result and the cost was fair.

He lives in Maryland.

From South Florida, shipping was $39 each way FedEx ground.?? I was fortunate to still have the box that scope had shipped in from my Ebay source.?? His packing job was well thought out and the box heavy duty. It's now made at least three trips and maybe two more if I decide to have my 2465 calibrated too.


On 5/25/19 3:10 PM, oakley@... wrote:
Thanks for all of the responses.

Originally, I glanced at the green "legend" to the right of the ON/OFF mechanical aperture switch and assumed that I was seeing the front of a green LED sitting behind a windowed membrane. Now after looking closer, it's just a colored legend, so the repair or replacement of the green LED just got much easier ;-)

Although my scope appears to be operating quite close to specification, there were no visible calibration stickers on the unit to gauge how long since its last cal. Any recommendations for calibration of my scope (people, place, labs)?


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