Re: 465B Attenuator servicing


OK I think we bottomed out the IPA bit but what I really need to know is quite specific to the mechanics of the assembly. I may not have seen everything about this in the manual but the small bit I read implied that in order to service the actual attenuator board I need to remove the complete assembly of BOTH CH1 & CH2 attenuators including the mode switch which seems to come out as a complete system.

However looking at the mechs (and I have serviced similar Tek cam switches before) it would seem possible to undo just a few threaded bushes and remove the attenuator board on its own off the cam assembly without having to remove the whole lot as I've mentioned above? I do know that on some cam switches, if you are not careful you end up with some no-longer-captive nuts which can easily get mislaid!! Forewarned is fore-armed! I don't think the manual has an exploded mechnical assembly diagram which would shed light on this methodology, but I may have missed it.

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