Re: OT: App that keeps track of "Or Best Offer" auctions on eBay to tell you what a seller will accept.


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 03:28 PM, Tom Gardner wrote:
Regrettably goofbid appears to return zero results, at the moment.

Maybe ebay have stymied them, maybe they have a simple server problem. I hope
it is the latter.
Another tool I use a lot and before any purchase to check out the "real" feedback story of a seller is a Firefox addon called EbayNegs. While ebay only bases the seller's current rating on the last 12 months of activity, and that is the most you will see, this app will dig up the dirt from years before. And this one too, sometimes used to report that was being blocked by ebay, but usually works quite well. As a matter of fact come to think of it its been a good while now (months) since I last saw it being blocked, so guess they figured out a way to stop the blockage from ebay. I remember some years ago when it stopped working completely because ebay had changed the format of the sellers link on the listing page, I contacted the author of the addon to let him know. I got a nice thank you within 24 hours and it took just another day or so for it to be back up and running.

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