Re: 465B Attenuator servicing


Hi Colin,

Yes you can, the Pro Power IPA is good I get 400ml spray cans from Farnell (or Element14 or whatever they want to be called today) or CPC (who are also Farnell) sometimes have offers on 10 packs of it. Farnell is around 3.75 GBP/can at 10 off I think.

Apart from the convenience I also work on the principal that if the pressure hasn't got out then the H2O has not got in!

I buy 25L bulk cans for the board washer on ebay where a bit of water is not an issue.


On 5/24/2019 12:41 PM, Colin Herbert via Groups.Io wrote:
OK, so the existence of spray-can IPA is new to me. Perhaps I should see if
I can get it in the UK

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