Re: Craigslist- Northern Virginia Tek 545B for sale

Colin Herbert

The description says:
"Tektronix Oscilloscope from the 1960s or early 1970s complete with rolling stand and leads. When I plugged it in the lights came on and the screen works. As far as it working this is all I can tell."
So it looks like cart and leads are included.

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Craigslist Northern Virginia (specifically- Lorton VA) advertising a Tektronix 545B with a plugin unit for $100. Possibly in working condition; not clear (to me) if the price includes the scope cart (shown in the Craigslist ad) or the probe(s) (also shown in the ad), but someone here might be interested. I would consider it myself except that I have no room left in my basement, and my back would suffer dearly from moving such a beast. I have no affiliation with the seller: <>

Mike Dinolfo N4MWP

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