Re: Latest firmware for TDS210 and TDS2CM?


On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 03:58 AM, Jared Cabot wrote:

is there any info on that programming fixture?
The P/N is 067-0388-00 and it uses the same cover as the other extension modules. The serial port is still there but the other
connectors are not. In the hole for the GPIB connector is a IC socket for the master ROM and in the hole for the Centronics
connector is a small LED. The P/N for the master ROM v2.03 is 163-1368-02.
Although that I have one I can't recall ever using it and I haven't found any user info on it. Either it starts the flashing right
at power on or a start command has to be sent through RS232.

Are there any later versions than these?
I guess the only one that can tell what the last or latest versions are is Tek itself.


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