Re: Old Tektronix Books

Dave Wise

Guilty. Oops. I guess I skipped words and saw what I wished were true.

I know I've read Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry. The physical book, in my hands. But I'm pretty sure I don't own a copy. It's a mystery. indicates several libraries with copies, including, for you in northwest Oregon, Pacific University in Forest Grove. You can probably get it via inter-library loan.

Dave Wise

PS: My rotten memory believes that the schematics were 535 and 545.
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The "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry" book. Rolynn said it was at w140 ("TekWiki"), but I couldn't find it so I asked him where it was in the w140 site.


Not even close.

Rolynn said that the:

1961 publication eliminates some.
(1961 publication date eliminates some of the scopes from where the schematics came from)

The power supply might be a 531/535/541 but I'm not going to spend any time with this since the manuals are on TekWiki.

(the manuals for the potential scope candidates are on TekWiki and to do your own detective work to find out which instrument schematics are in the book)

Clear as a bell - to me.


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