Further of my Tek 2465A S/N B019121

Lawrence Joy

To Brad, AA1IP,
I did not use your aluminum foil over the tip of my Torx T-10 suggestion. I asked on my local 2 m net and it was suggested to use an Allen (hex key) wrench. I used a 7/64" size Allen wrench, and a pair of pliers, and was able to get that last screw out. I checked one of the "good" screws and the 7/64" size would not fit, so that particular bad boy screw was deformed.

To everyone,
Now that I have the A2A1--Regulator CCA and the A3--Inverter CCA separated I need to do one more removal. How do you get the black plastic cover off the black plastic bottom that contains the A3C1021 and A3C1022, 290 µF 200 V DC capacitors? The parts layout drawing of the A3 CCA of Figure 10-13 does not show this. The top is loose and I tried a flat blade screwdriver around the sides I could get to but I didn't want to break anything, or is that what I have to do?
Tnx, WN8P, Larry

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