Re: OT: App that keeps track of "Or Best Offer" auctions on eBay to tell you what a seller will accept.

Tom Gardner

On 22/05/19 19:55, David Berlind wrote:
The results don't just included completed auctions, but also
Buy-It-Now listings that were optionally enabled with the "Make Offer"
button. For those listings, you will never know how much was actually paid
for the item. They only show the Buy-It-Now price. The actual sale price
could have been the Buy-It-Now price, or something less.
Goto and paste the ebay item number into the keywords box.

For example:

Therefore item number 113707651429


testelectro <>[efb <>][sld <>]

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 Thursday, 04-Apr-19 08:11:44UTC
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 Friday, 12-Apr-19 13:30:01UTC (40.28 days ago)
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£ 295.00
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 £ 270.00(check price here? –>) [History <>]

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