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There are certainly a lot of people asking me to let them know if I ever find it again. I remember using all the strategies you describe when eBay was a lot less controlling of their own auctions. Everything you can learn about a seller, the price an item sells at, and other bidders behavior rpatterns is knowledge you can use to improve your odds of winning an auction. eBay has gradually caught on to this and has steadily placed restrictions on every bit of information that can be used to give you an edge.

You have seen the very same thing happening. I think I was very lucky to have been so active on eBay so many years ago. At the time I never realized that it wouldn't always be that way. This is unfortunate, but it explains why I turn to eBay for different things now than I did before. Gone are the exciting one of a kind items you can sometimes get for a ridiculous price because your put in a bid early and the sniping site had a meltdown moments before the auction ended and didn’t place any snipes. I remember a few times when I won something for the opening bid price that way.

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Back a few years before ebay started to obfuscate all the information on bidders and sellers an app like that would still have been possible to work on the public information that was available on any ebay member. Back then I was even doing myself some manual background checks on other bidders I was competing with for an item. I used to check on their previous bids history what items they won/lost etc to try and find patterns, and also how they liked to send in their highest bid (some people like to send even amounts, others like weird patterns, like $12.34 or $111.11 and so on) to try to anticipate their next maximum bid. Also back then if you managed to get in your bid in the last 10-15 seconds before the end you usually won if your bid was high enough, and I was quite successful (inc synchronizing the PC clock with ebay clock, make sure to be freshly logged in, etc). I even had friends asking me to snag something of ebay for them. But nowadays they even automated sniping and sometimes you get beaten by a bid sent 1-2 seconds before the auction ends. Anyway gathering relevant information on other bidders or sellers is now for the most part no longer possible as it used to be. So unless this app has a way to sneak into ebay's servers and bypass whatever security they have in place to protect their databases I don't see how an app like that is still possible. Unless someone found a backdoor.

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