Re: Latest firmware for TDS210 and TDS2CM?


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 06:56 AM, Jared Cabot wrote:

I have an old TDS210 scope with TDS2CM comms/math module and I was wondering
if anyone knows what the latest firmware revisions for these modules is,
If you by old mean the first generation that had BNC connectors with two pins and F/W in a removable 24C040 PROM the last version as far
as I know is 1.19. The next generation had BNC connetors with four pins and F/W in flash ROM. They were programmed by attaching a
special programming fixture into the I/O module compartment. I don't know the latest version for those.
F/W is the same for TDS210 and TDS220.

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