Re: 2465 repair attempt with (horizontal?) issues, help needed [Solved!!]


Minor follow-up:

During the calibration I found two - a bit weird- things:
- I got Limit errors during the Cal2, and
- the Cal3 would always fail...

The limit errors during Cal2 were caused by me, during step 111, 112 you need to set the two dots at the beginning and the end of the screen, but as soon as they are just a little (half a dot diameter maybe) outside but still touching the outer graticule lines, it will cause a limit error later on.

The Cal3 error turned out to be a broken Ch3/Ch4 Hybrid (155-0238-00).
I ordered one at and that fixed everything, so I have another fully calibrated 2465 in my collection :-)

Un saludo,


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