Re: Changing the battery of a 2465B

Tony Fleming

Is 2465 DMS equipped with battery or has CMOS?

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 2:29 PM Chuck Harris <cfharris@...> wrote:

A 2445<<B>> with a serial number below B050000, yes.

The 2445/55/65 (Note no "B" suffix) uses no battery,
just a device called an EAROM.

-Chuck Harris

Lee Houde wrote:
Chuck - Does the same hold true for a 2445? One of mine is giving me a
battery error. Also, can you provide more information on the Eagle-Pitcher
replacement battery? I couldn't find anything suitable cross-referencing
the Tek part number so I bought a AA size Lithium battery, planning to use
an AA battery holder with it, but if there is a correct battery I would
rather go with that.

TIA, Lee

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