Re: [OT] surface mount components

Tony Fleming

I have them also and find them very nice to use!

On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 5:56 PM Alberto I2PHD <@I2PHD> wrote:

When working with SMDs, I find this tool very handy :

Made by Mastech, model Nr. MS8911.

When grabbing an SMD component, it can tell you whether it is a resistor,
a capacitor or an inductor, showing also its
The measure can be performed at 4 different frequencies, and it can even
tell the ESR...
Given that the smaller SMD components do not have on their bodies enough
space to print their value, it is in these
cases a cannot-do-without tool.

Paid about 50 Euro one year ago.

/*73 Alberto I2PHD*
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