Re: OT: I/V curve tracing made easy with Python and PyVISA

Albert Otten

Hi Tony,

It looks like you didn't find the necessary documentation?
Always have a look at the Tekwiki website. All you need is there, both for 2465 (+ options) and WR P6407.
As said by Harvey White a.o. in another thread there is no special software needed for the P6407.
If you like, the settings for WR can also be done via GPIB. Appendix A of the WR operators manual lists the additional GPIB commands for the WR.
Chuck Harris gave his opinion about using GPIB for this scope -- it's rather useless. It's nice to see that GPIB works and that you can download single measurement values, but the real advantage would be that you can transfer waveforms or screen images to a PC which isn't possible with this analog scope.


On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 10:23 PM, Tony Fleming wrote:

I purchased couple weeks ago the P6407 stuff, but it has no manual or any
instructions - I must find that information and print it....

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