Re: OT: I/V curve tracing made easy with Python and PyVISA


Good Day,

thank you for your kind comments, Gentlemen. And thank you for that weblink and the German figure of speech, Albert! :-)

The trouble is that I am looking at my Keithley 230 programmable voltage source and the Keithley type 195 DMM (with its 100pA resolution)  at the shelves right behind my back right now. Both are equipped with GPIB, but I have never done much with either device yet - and they keep staring at me.
In combination with the FLUKE 8840A DMM, they might turn into a much better curve tracer setup than the mentioned Grundig Digimess PN300 alone. More to come!

Tot ziens,



A basic introduction corresponding to what Magnus does in his script is
here for example:
I tried Python successfully for command communication (both serial and
GPIB) with my CSA803 but only to verify that it is possible.
(Magnus, I guess "a lot of water has flown through the river Rhein" while
you composed that Python script ;-)


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