2246 no display/odd behavior


Ok - some progress.

I replaced the battery. No change in startup (front panel controls still hang until I fiddle with the buttons for about 45 seconds). It's now returning to the previous state after a reboot though. No codes displayed in the trigger section.

I adjusted R2719 and we have a dot! Here's a shot: https://imgur.com/dySu4aT

If I deviate from the procedure and turn the Readout knob up I can also see the standard display and even a waveform I fed in.

Now I'm confused because the manual procedure concludes with "adjust R2719 so dot is no longer visible" which then kills the whole display. Turning the readout knob back up after adjusting R2719 'correctly' results in no display or trace.

Still some lingering questions in my head too like how J2208 got installed backwards and how the trace between C2244 and R2231 'disappeared' but this is definitely progress.

Suggestions on how to proceed welcome.

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