Re: Again a 7854 power supply beast to be repaired...

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

Oh dear - the dreaded one pin out problem. We've all done that at some point. I've got away with it
until I did it on my 577 curve tracer and took out most of the silicon. Fixing it is a "work in

Hopefully there won't be too horrendous damage.


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O.K. I checked power rails and found a short on -15V, pin 7 of P82 connector (sense).
NOTE: some other people was attempted to repair this poor 7854, so...they left behind a disaster
no success.

After careful inspection I found the P132 connector on the motherboard mounted wrong, shifted one
pin left!
I pulled out P132 connector and reinsert it in the correct way, carefully matching all the pins.

Power up and... woah! It started! All the lights up!

BUT: now the bad surprise.
On the CRT I see a BIG unfocused and very, very brilliant spot centered on the screen (no plug-ins
inserted). The INTENSITY control has no effect (fully counterclockwise).
To avoid damage to the crt I turned it off immediately.
I turned the scope back on, just to perform a quick check on the low voltage regulator board A22:
voltages are perfect, all in range.

And now? Z board damaged? :-(
Where to check?



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