Re: Stan Griffiths Book

Tony Fleming

Are you planing to make the book in electronic format? I would like to be
able to search for specific words ... etc.
Printed book is better than nothing, but I don't have space for all the
books I would like to have, so I buy them in electronic format.
Tony Fleming

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 7:35 PM Dave Brown <>

As mentioned previously, Stan gave the museum authorization to reprint his
book and we do sell it on CD on our eBay store. We are in the process of
reprinting it in softbound. We have our review copy back and are making
final tweaks. I'll update the group when we have them available on our eBay
store. Our first run will be small as we don't know how much demand there
is for this book. When we run out, we will reprint more.


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