Re: 475A with High +110 rail

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This morning you got a nice reply from Dave Hills that talked about the parts of the circuit in question that limit and control the over voltage of the +110 circuit.
This led me to  search the 475A service manual and read everything it had to say about the low voltage regulator circuits.
There is a nice summary of how the +110 control low voltage circuit handles the over current and over voltage shutdowns.
After reading this, Dave Hills comments are probably right on the likely problem components. Your +110 regulator should probably shutdown with the over voltage you are seeing on the +110 test point, but it isn't!
Think about studying that +110 section on page 3-24 of my first edition August 1976 manual, it's all quite simple when you read it.
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On 4/29/2019 3:23 PM, Mlynch001 wrote:
I forgot to say Thanks to All for such complete answers. I appreciate your patience with a very inexperienced individual.
I will post results.

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