Re: My TDR Evaluation of the SG503 012-0482-00 Cable has been uploaded

Tom Gardner

Very timely: this weekend I picked up a Tek 1502B, and it came with a 012-0482-00 cable and a 011-0123-00 BNC 50ohm terminator. Apart from that I only have "generic" connectors and terminators, of variable quality.

Caveat: I don't understand the expected performance of the 1502B, and haven't calibrated it at all.

Having said that, the only significant difference from your report is the velocity factor. In order for the 1502B to show the cable's length as 3ft, I have to set the velocity factor to 0.67.

On 29/04/19 01:19, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
I uploaded the results of my testing the SG503 012-0482-00 cable. In
addition I compared it to two other similar cables: a Tektronix 012-0057-00
50Ω cable, and a Pomona Electronics 50Ω cable.

It is located at:

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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