Re: Tek485 - a quick question on disabling/bypassing power supply protection

Kevin Oconnor

Not that specific component failures on mine will address your issue, but about 17 years ago I replaced these shorted components. (Not all in the same incident)
CR1534 killed beam
C581 - 22uF killed 9v subsystem
C2011 - 15uF killed everything as I remember.

There are myriad little isolated power subsystems in this scope and they all have to work. I would check every single CAP node impedance on pages 14, 15 & 17 with caps larger than 0.5uF as a starting point. Many are isolated with inductors, so DC and AC measurements are in order. If your inverter won’t start or continue after starting, it’s a high probability there is a shorted CAP or diode.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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