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Dave Daniel

One can also find three-shelf heavy-duty plastic carts that work well as ‘scope carts. I have one made by Rubbermaid on which I kept a Tektronix 575 for many years.


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I wanted to thank everyone for their replies, direct emails, and advice. After consideration of many kind offers, I ended up purchasing a 7904A + plugins from John Griessen. It arrived yesterday! Absolutely thrilled with it.

I think the next thing I need to find is a scope mobile cart for it to free up bench space. :o)
I have a scope mobile cart that will hold a 7000 series scope (no, not
for sale).

Some observations: The scopemobile was designed to be a roll around
home for a scope in a lab/facility that had a lot of bench space. The
typical electronics bench of the time was a workbench maybe 35 to 40
inches deep, relatively high off the floor (people used stools), with
a single shelf about 2-3 feet above the workbench.

You'd put instruments, etc., on that shelf. However, given the depth
of the average 7000 series scope (and that there'd not likely be one
for each technician, either), the scope would not sit on the bench.
Hence, the scope cart with plugins, TM500/TM5000 stuff, etc.

Point is, they had a lot of floor space.

Your lab may not.

Mine doesn't, so my scope cart is sitting elsewhere waiting for a
larger lab.... (one day).

Now, as far as my arrangements go, and you may want to consider this,
I use the roll around wire shelves, 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 6 feet
or so high, with six shelves (not all necessarily used). You *really*
want the kind that does not have that little helpful basket shape, you
want the kind where things could roll off, with the flanges down.
(BJ's wholesale seems to sell on the turned up type, good for boxes
and bins, not so hot for test equipment.

I took a power strip and bolted it to the back of one of the shelves.
I took a closet flourescent lamp and bolted it to the back of the top
shelf. Saves needing a flashlight.

I then went to the local Home Despot and bought a sheet of 4x8 1/8th
inch masonite (brown particle board to others, but without the holes).
I had them cut it into sheets that exactly fit the top of the shelves,
closing off the wire holes. Now everything with feet doesn't catch on
the shelves.

One of those shelves is an inch or so off the main workbench surface,
and behind it. The 7000 series scope rests on the back of the shelf
and with the bail down, is at a slight angle when resting on the

This works for me. Striplights on the shelves for background lighting
on the bench, outlet strips below the bench, and so on.

You may not use that scope cart as much as you might think, depending
on your lab layout.



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