Re: 7B71 time base jittering at 50ns/div, but not other speeds.


On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 05:59 AM, John Griessen wrote:

The jitter is constant at all trigger levels on 50ns/div, but not other
With "not at other speeds" you mean not at faster speeds either? Use enough brightness to judge that, since the jitter may not be evenly spread.
Related to what I said before about trigger level: Do not expect a jitterless display with an on-screen relatively high-speed slope of significantly less than 45 degrees at the trigger point. The 'scope and time base aren't made for that and the image contains little information. You can't decide if you're seeing timebase jitter, trigger jitter or jitter in your signal. Read up on triggering in general and with regard to your setup, especially minimum size of the on-screen signal for reliable triggering at a certain horizontal speed.
I really have not seen or read any indication that something's wrong with your 'scope or time base.


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