Absurdly simple way to get contact cleaner into some Tek pots


For years I've struggled with what to do about noisy pots. Until now the
best solution I have come up with is to remove the knob and drip contact
cleaner down the shaft. It only works a small percentage of the time. And
I'm not sure it can even work on ganged pots at all. Plus it is quite messy
since it is almost impossible to control the burst of contact cleaner that
comes out.

Faced with the same problem once again an idea struck me while I was staring
at the back side of one of the very common black square pots (single or
ganged). The ones I'm referring to have four tiny screws holding them
together from back to front.

SOLUTION: Remove one of the screws and squirt the contact cleaner into the
hole. All four of the screws screw into a metal plate at the front of the
pot. So the screw hole passes through every section of the pot (or multiple
pots regardless of how many there are.

It's too early yet to tell how effective this is. I only just discovered it.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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