Re: Need a 366-1258-00 knob for a 7T11...


You are in luck :) I have a 7T11 spares mule with the main timing knob intact - it is yours for the cost of postage.

Would you like me to check out the cost of postage from UK to US?


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Hi, I have a 7T11 that had its red variable timing knob
in the outward position when a heavy instrument was set
down next to it, shearing off the knob on its panel. The
red knob is scuffed, but otherwise fine, its shaft has been
fixed, but the grey timing knob was destroyed most
thoroughly... I haven't even got a single piece.

Does anybody have a knob for this plugin? As far as I can
tell, its timing knob was not used on anything else from tek.

Its part number is: 366-1258-00


-Chuck Harris

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