Tek 5223 parts/donor scope needed

John Mullens

Hi all,
Managed to grab a working (somewhat) benchtop version of one of these scopes, and got it fully operational without cannibalizing my damaged-in-transit rackmount 5223. Was considering parting out the latter but will petition the group for help first.
I need the A2 (Display Adjust/Cal) and A10 (Keyboard) boards (with all pots intact) or the following pots:
311-2042-00 (Qty 1)311-2045-00 (Qty 1)311-1375-00 (Qty 1)311-2046-00 (Qty 2 or 3)
Will also consider a dead 5223 with all boards present.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
...John "Fred" Mullens, N8YX

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