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Harvey White

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Reading this thread with amusement and interest. I thought the Collins R390A was heavy until I piled up two DSA602A's one atop the other on my (sturdy) bench. I think the 556 weighs in at the top end as well.

In the flow lab at my day job we have several rolling hydraulic platforms (200kg capacity, 50cm dia. lift plate) for moving equipment into position; I am thinking one those would be a good investment.
I have considered making something with some steel, acme threaded
rods, a belt drive, and perhaps a place for a portable drill. Not
sure about how to actually build it yet, or if I need something else,
but I do have a 120 pound Weston meter calibrator (which thankfully
does AC volts) that is not going to go anywhere without someone else's
help. The DC stuff, and the 7000 series stuff is light enough that I
can move it without a problem.

There's also the mill and lathe in the shop, and we won't even mention
the 30 inch shear and floor drill press.


Shaun M.

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So.... I’m finally retiring in September and I’m hefting the 7854, 11401, 577, 547, 570 and 575 out of the basement, yikes! At least there is an elevator.

George — KD6NEW
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Hamfests! I totally agree. My 575 is on an appropriate vintage cart, as is my 545. My 7854 is on a Tek cart as well (probably not the correct one, but it works). But there is no way I would want to pay for shipping on something so big as a cart. I got mine at hamfests. Great investments!Dan
If you had the room, perhaps you could make an overhead lift out of
some garage door track, some tubular steel, and (if you want) an
electric tow hook.

Might not be a bad idea for those with some of the 500 series scopes,
and far more convenient than an engine hoist.

Harbor freight makes scissors lifts, that with a ramp, might also do a
decent job of lifting a scope.


On Thursday, April 11, 2019, 2:46:59 PM EDT, Phillip Potter <p.potter@...> wrote:

This is me, all the way!

Last summer, a 575 jumped (the previous owner lifted it) into my van
and it came home with me... OMGosh! I had to hire a youngster to heft
it out.?? I am disabled with Cerebral Palsy, so now I have a scope
that I can't lift... drats, but I did want one tube Tek piece for my
Tek Collection.?? I might have been too hasty, but it comes from a
fella who is my test gear go to guy who lives only about 50 miles
from my summer home.?? He's divesting (his wife's idea...) and I am
investing/ingesting/regressing... whatever.?? I sure could use a Tek
cart for that 575.


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trying desperately to put a personal moratorium on acquiring anything that requires a 2-man lift.

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