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Dave Daniel

I ended up with (I think) a definitive list of all of those books. I forget how I did that (it's been a while). The Tekwiki site has what I believe is a complete list of the books except for the "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry" title, which I should add. The Davmar site has a complete list with the exception of "Strain Gauge Measurements", which book I have never seen (and which means my earlier statement about having all of them is not accurate). These sites have live links to those books where a PDF copy exists (on that website) and just an entry in the list for those that don't exist. The K04BB site has an abbreviated list. And one or two of the books had revised printings (e.g., "Semiconductor Device Measurements"). I count 26 total titles, including the aforementioned "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry".

Also, I think the subject of a complete list of these books has been discussed on this forum before.

I also have a complete set of the Radiation Lab books and a partially-complete set of the Bell Labs series books.


... I've since collected all of the other Tektronix
"Concepts" series of books; ... many of them are available from the TekWiki,
DavMar and K04BB websites (for instance) in PDF form
Uh oh. I guess I will add to my books wanted list! Is there a list of them on any of the sites you mention?

(I do have some Radiation Lab series of books for trade.)


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