Re: Stuck Plug-in with broken handle

John Kolb

The latch assembly looks like it might be the same on the 5000 series as on the TM500 modules. I don't have any 5000 modules to look at although I have a Storz Instrument Co. mainframe which looks as if it might be a rebranded 5440, since it doesn't the scope tube cover on the rear like most of the 5xxx I've seen pictures of do.

7000 latch mechanism is completely different.

As suggested elsewhere, a BNC T connector makes a great handle.


On 3/31/2019 5:56 PM, Jim Ford wrote:
What about 5000 series plug-ins?  My 5103N D10 came with a 5B10N and two 5A15Ns, all without the handles.  I guess the previous owner didn't want somebody to remove the plug-ins!   I've been able to remove them by tugging on the knobs and BNC connectors, but that's obviously not optimum. Does anyone have any of the handle assemblies for 5000 series plug-ins they would be willing to part with?I am in Southern California, USA.Thanks.Jim Ford Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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