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John Kolb

Thanks, Dennis. Didn't think to look in the archives until after I posted my question. Got the plug-in free after removing the side panel of the scope and PI. Didn't know until now the latch works completely differently between 7000's and TM500 PI's. Found the latch not broken but missing completely.


On 3/31/2019 3:23 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
This has been discussed before on TekScopes so you can look through the archives to find solutions.
Usually the first thing to do is flip the scope upside down and remove the bottom cover of the scope. That gives you access from below and sometimes it even allows the plugin to fall-up away from the rail it is stuck on giving you a better chance to get it out.
The next thing to do is remove all the other plugins so you can get you hand behind the stuck plugin. That way you can apply firm pressure (but not too much) from the rear to free it.
If you talk a look at how a plugin with a pull tab couples to the slot in the rail to lock in place you will see that that if you make yourself a very slender, narrow tool that can be inserted far enough into the rectangular opening where the missing pull tab would be you can sometimes release the stuck plugin by pressing down where it is locking.
Don't get too frustrated, it is generally not easy to remove a stuck plugin without the pull tab. The locking mechanism is very effective, so don't be surprised if you go through a lot of trial and error failed attempts before you free the plugin.
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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what's the best way to remove a plug-in with a broken handle? I
plugged it in knowing the handle was missing, but assumed I could
unplug it by removing the plug-ins on either side. Testing a couple
of 7D15's in a 7834. First one counts period with input A but not
freq with input B, so I assume Input B problem if I've managed to get
all the switches set correctly. Stuck plug-in makes pilot light cycle
off and on, so power supply short.


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