Re: My new, old Tek 2205 has concave traces


Good day, I bought a 2205 and am also experiencing the same symptoms, the beam(s) get progressively more bowed towards the up & lower ends of the screen and get distorted/displaced as the intensity is increased.

Checked R888 thru R992 and values are well in spec. Geometry & Astigmatism voltages are well within design specs.

All lower voltages (205V included) are bang on, the high voltage sits at ~-1750V and as I increase the intensity it increases by ~50V to ~-1700V.

Every so often but rarely the screen flickers and goes back to normal, but this is rare and when I power off & back on the issue comes back.

Was wondering if anyone could help with some pointers as to what may be causing the issue.

Thank you.

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