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Andre de guerin

You are most likely right. Someone recently bought up all the rights to old electronics magazine archives.Seems that they did so purely to extract money from folks trying to cut down on paper copies by getting them online.
Also I have a few assorted manuals here, if anyone has a use.

#include "802701.h"

On Friday, 29 March 2019, 16:44:52 GMT, Daniel Koller via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hi Folks,
  The recent conversation about 500 series scopes prompted Dennis to recommend two books, 
      "Oscilloscopes: Collecting and Restoring a Classic"; ISBN-13: 9780963307156; Publisher: Stanley A. Griffiths; Publication date: 01/28/1992;
      "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry", (C) 1961, 1962, Tektronix, Inc., S. W. Millikan Way, P.O. Box 500, Beaverton, Oregon.

It occurred to me that though I have not *needed* those books to repair my scopes in the past it sure would be nice to have a better Idea on how the circuits work, and to be able to learn more about the scopes in general, so I looked them up.
  YESTERDAY, I was able to find a couple copies of Stan's book on Amazon, used, for about $22.  If I still have the website up at home and it has not refreshed, I'll get a screen grab for proof, but there were one or two copies available from at least two sources, through Amazon.   But TODAY, the least expensive copy is $94.09!!    So, it seems likely to me that this very discussion, within out closed group, prompted someone to buy a book or two, and those actions drove up the perceived demand on a limited resource to raise the price significantly.  
  Question:  Did anyone here, reading those messages yesterday go ahead and buy Stan's book on line?  What was your price and through whom did you make the purchase?   I sure HOPE that someone here bought the book.  Otherwise, I have a more nefarious theory;  The bots are actively scanning our conversations to manipulate the prices of things on line.   That is not a pleasant concept.
    I found a copy through Moe's books for $28 and bought it.   Let's see how the price changes tomorrow.
   As for the Tek book, "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry", also found 3 copies in good condition for under $20 and bought one.   We'll see what happens to that as well.
  I just figured I'd throw this out there as an FYI / buyer beware sort of thing.   Meanwhile, I am looking forward to some fun technical reading!

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