Tek 11302 wanted for an HP 8568 trade


I have a burning need for a Tek 11302. I have one, played around with it quite a bit but was never able to figure out what is wrong with it. The basic problem was that every time I booted it up, I had to tune the display as it was out of focus. The focus system wouldn't work enough and I had to mess with the trim pots but even then it wouldn't stick. I have the calibration software and messed around with it but you need a lot of special modules to calibrate the scope. I've been thinking lately that it probably has an NVRam or something that is bad or a battery, but it's only been about 9 months since I took a crack at it and I'm sure I looked for a battery as well as an NVRam back then. My memory just isn't there anymore. I also checked all the voltages, caps, etc, and just never got anywhere. For a while it seemed like I was making progress but it just wouldn't trace correctly (in addition to the focus). So once I got it somewhat in focus, the signal trace seemed to not overlay on subsequent traces so I had a fatter trace horizontally than expected.

Anyway, I have an 8568A that was upgraded to a B. I think they upgraded it as an option at the factory if I remember correctly. It has the 75ohm BNC connector as well as the standard 50Ohm. I had been thinking about keeping it just for the 75 ohm connector. The display is serviceable and the unit works well overall. It has all the cables and I have the interposer I think that would connect to the HP 85585A preselector. I have an 85685A preselector on my other 8568B. I believe it was stored in a closet for a very long time. I remember it being very clean inside, much more than my other 8568B and the calibration constants are better as well. I bought it about 2yrs ago as a backup to my 8568B but since I also have an 8566, I figure it would be a good trade for a working 11302 if someone has one. I want an analog scope as I think they are easier to view modulation envelopes on and I also have a good selection of modules for one already.

So, if you are in the SF Bay Area and would like to trade a working 11302 scope for a pretty decent 8568B (labeled A but it is a B) Spectrum Analyzer, please drop a note to clist at handler dot com but take the 'd' out of handler so it becomes hanler. I get so much spam as it is. I'm not interested in any other trades for the analyzer (possible 11301) as I have quite a few scopes. I somehow fell in love with the 11302 I have and just wish I was able to get it working.



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