Re: Old Tektronix Books

Bill Fenech

Slight revision to my previous book is marked as received and
confirmed while the other has not confirmed yet
(though have been charged for both).

Dan - FYI I ordered both books after I saw your email this morning. :) I
was only partially up to speed on the other thread at the time.

Bill AI6JZ

On Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 2:16 PM Daniel Koller via Groups.Io <kaboomdk=> wrote:

Aha! Bill, you're the culprit! ;)
I did the same - you got there first. The $31 "Oscilloscopes" (was $28
something when I looked) was NOT available. GlassFrogBooks (via Abe's
Books) came back and said they did not have the copy and requested $10 more
to find another copy. We will see if they can find it for $38!! I won't
go higher than that because I won't believe they can find a copy.
As for the "Typical circuits book" There were three, one at $15, one at
$17 and one at $19. I ordered the $17 one. I hope I get it.
Dennis, yes, what you said is right. I've noticed that with goods
sometimes - There is only one item out there, or was, as some retailer some
place, but other aggregator or sale websites pretend to have is at the same
price. Sometimes it's obvious and you can tell who the original retailer
is (particularly if the photos are identical). Sometimes it's not so
simple. Such aggregator websites are infuriating because they provide no
new benefit, no new information to anyone. They are just there to scam and
make money for the operator.
On Friday, March 29, 2019, 4:55:41 PM EDT, Bill Fenech <
wfenech@...> wrote:


I purchase both online this AM through AbeBooks:

Oscilloscopes: Selecting and Restoring a Classic - $31 plus $4 shipping

Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry. Revised Edition - $19.75 including

Bill AI6JZ

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