Re: I wonder if there is much interest in vacuum tube oscilloscopes such as the 500 series

Dave Seiter

What a mess!  Revised

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Ok, I wasn't going to add my list, but it's been a while since took a survey.  These are just the 500 series items and the 575s (because they look similar and are tube-based).  Many of the plugins have duplicates and some mods, but I didn't track them.  The Cordin plugins (ex-SRI) appear to be part of a manifold system for high speed camera triggers.  Cordin has no record of them (or didn't want to look); at least one other similar model exists/existed.
SCOPES502        (first scope, later first Tekscopes project, still unfinished!)511A     (clean, HV section overheated/melted)514AD   (clean, HV section dead)519        (untested, old version with non Au-plated connectors)519        (untested, wrong camera mount, no bezel)519        (untested)535A      (very weathered, parts only)
541        (condition unknown)545        (working)547        (working)547        (working)549        (condition unknown)551 + PS (not working)555 + PS + cable (not working)
R502       (working)RM35A    (working)RM547    (working)

Type 1A1Type 1A4Type 1A6Type 1A7Type 1A7AType 1L5Type 1L20Type 1S1
Type 53/54 CType 53/54 CAType 53/54 GType BType CAType GType HType KType LType MType ML (mil version of L)Type OType QType RType WType ZOne of the cal plugins, but not on my lists.
Non-Tek PluginsCordin 30-034A PIN oscillographCordin 30-135A PIN oscillographNelson Ross 011 specan 0-20KHzNelson Ross 012 specan 0-100KHzNelson Ross 013 specan 0-500KHzNelson Ross 311 specan 0-300MHz

MiscA few scopemobiles, including one for the 519Home made extender for plugins575 (Fetrons)575 (Mod 122C)

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Re: I wonder if there is much interest in vacuum tube oscilloscopes such...




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