Old Tektronix Books

Daniel Koller

Hi Folks,
  The recent conversation about 500 series scopes prompted Dennis to recommend two books, 
      "Oscilloscopes: Collecting and Restoring a Classic"; ISBN-13: 9780963307156; Publisher: Stanley A. Griffiths; Publication date: 01/28/1992;
      "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry", (C) 1961, 1962, Tektronix, Inc., S. W. Millikan Way, P.O. Box 500, Beaverton, Oregon.

It occurred to me that though I have not *needed* those books to repair my scopes in the past it sure would be nice to have a better Idea on how the circuits work, and to be able to learn more about the scopes in general, so I looked them up.
  YESTERDAY, I was able to find a couple copies of Stan's book on Amazon, used, for about $22.  If I still have the website up at home and it has not refreshed, I'll get a screen grab for proof, but there were one or two copies available from at least two sources, through Amazon.   But TODAY, the least expensive copy is $94.09!!    So, it seems likely to me that this very discussion, within out closed group, prompted someone to buy a book or two, and those actions drove up the perceived demand on a limited resource to raise the price significantly.  
  Question:  Did anyone here, reading those messages yesterday go ahead and buy Stan's book on line?  What was your price and through whom did you make the purchase?   I sure HOPE that someone here bought the book.  Otherwise, I have a more nefarious theory;  The bots are actively scanning our conversations to manipulate the prices of things on line.   That is not a pleasant concept.
    I found a copy through Moe's books for $28 and bought it.   Let's see how the price changes tomorrow.
   As for the Tek book, "Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry", also found 3 copies in good condition for under $20 and bought one.   We'll see what happens to that as well.
  I just figured I'd throw this out there as an FYI / buyer beware sort of thing.   Meanwhile, I am looking forward to some fun technical reading!

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