Re: I wonder if there is much interest in vacuum tube oscilloscopes such as the 500 series

bill koski

I still have a 556 which I built my own cart for. I have it next to my test bench and use it often. I bought it with the manual for $25 at a HAM fest about 15 years ago. Other than needing a vertical driver tube (which cost me 30 bucks at the time) it has worked great. I have a bunch of plugins for it including a 1L5 Spectrum analyzer (a subject for another day that I'll have to pick the brains of the people here!) and a 1A4 4 channel plug in. Friends are impressed when I use a 2 channel in the other bay and can put 6 different traces up on the screen! Though it's only rated 50MHz I've displayed a stable 100MHz on it.
Amazing scope for its time and still quite a performer today. Plus it keeps me warm in my office on cold winter nights!!!
I also have a single bay scope that I acquired with some other equipment. I believe it's a 545B? I've not even attempted to plug it in yet. It's sitting in the wings waiting for some much needed TLC.
While we're on the subject does anyone have an extension cable for the plugins that they would like to sell so I can work on a couple sick ones?

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