Re: Switching power supplies

Kevin Oconnor

I have to agree with Chuck. Most test equipment with imbedded/integrated switchers are going to be very difficult to qualify parts if working. Their functionality can be extremely subtle. Blanket replacement of components will more likely cause additional reliability issues.
My 1978 Tek 485 has had spot repairs, but it’s still working fine. I’d never replace caps in it without good reason.
I have an HP 500MHz digital scope with one of this 3rd party modular switchers. (I forget the HP model but 5digits). Switcher went bad. No docs, no schematics. Really hopeless to diagnose. Best option was an eBay replacement switcher. $50 and never looked back.
Now if you are talkin about bad caps in an LCD monitor or TV, that’s where “replace em all” will serve u well! Lots of crap used in those devices.


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