Re: 11801 NVRAM

Reginald Beardsley

I have replacements made by ST in transit. As for exiting the Extended Diagnostics, my last post reported that I am not able to do that.

I have tried deleting the failing tests, but cannot.

I have tried exiting diagnostics, but cannot.

I have tried entering debug mode, but cannot.

I have turned off "stop on error" but it has no effect.

I tried changing the jumpers on J712 and J713, but that had no effect.

I have tried installing both of the SD-22 heads, but that had no effect. I have no idea if the SD-22s are any good or not. The channel select LEDs flash on power up, but that is all.

When I compare this instrument to my 485 and 465 it is sad to see how far Tek fell in a very short time.


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