Re: 2230 display distortion in the first quadrant

Roger Evans


According to the manuals on Tekwki both 2215A and 2230 use the same CRT part number 154-0861-00. It is common to a few other scopes in the 22xx range but beware that 2215 and 2215A are not quite the same. You should read the manual for precautions on removing and handling the high voltage connector to the PDA electrode. Removing the CRT takes about 20 minutes the first time you do it and 10 minutes the second time! It is basically: remove the high voltage connector, two pin connector to the trace rotation coil and the four wires to the deflection plates (don't bend the pins). Remove the CRT bezel on the front of the scope and the little rubber pads in the corners. Push the CRT out towards the front using both hands with your thumbs on the flared cone. Repeat - read the manual for the official version and the safety notes!



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