Re: 11801 NVRAM

Dewey Wyatt

The way it was explained to me on my 2430a, if you loose the data then you must do a recalibration. I was lucky even though it didn’t pass the self cal due to a low battery the info was still there and I was able to use my tl8662 plus to read and save the data then copy it to the new sram modules. So far so good with it I used a different sram that has a snap cap battery which is replaceable. The data and pinout was the same but it is a surface mounted sram so I had to get boards made and solder the chip to a carrier board then add pins from a header.

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From: Jack2015
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2019 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: [TekScopes] 11801 NVRAM

I did same mistake last week on my CSA803 when replacing NVRAM on the timebase board(selftest error code E5322),
the factory calibration data is gone,now when I measure a 100khz signal it shows me 106Khz,when measure a 1Mhz signal it shows 106Mhz...
I want to know how to fix this problem too.

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