TDS2024 display backing plate screw ID?

G Hopper

I suppose it might be possible to ask a more obscure question, but this
really is a long shot.

Does anyone have any information on the size of screws used on the aluminum
backing plate for the screen of a TDS2024 display?

It's a sub assembly so in the Tektronix diagrams, the screw details are not
called out in the service manual.

I managed to get the aforementioned TDS2024, but not before someone pulled
it apart and salvaged several things off this scope. Among the missing
items were/are several knobs, the CCFL tube, and the missing screws. Well,
other screws are missing too. Someone got what they needed and just threw
it back together good enough to make it look ok.

The screws are tiny. I think they are smaller than M4, but I can't be 100%
sure since I'm unable to find taps that small to identify the size and
thread pitch. I'm reluctant to try random screws as it looks pretty fragile
and I don't want to cross thread.

I was going to see if I can find another TDS10xx or 20xx scope to remove
and measure one of the screws, but I'm hoping that someone here might have
an idea since getting someone to let me disassemble his/her scope for a
screw size is a long-shot too.

Thanks in advance.

Grant Hopper

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