Re: Tektronix DSA602 boot up problem


Thanks for the replies. I tested the batteries and found that the memory board one was reading almost 0V! Have just replaced, but unfortunately to no avail - still same error. Whilst doing this I also found that two of the board were in a different place on the backplane to that shown in the manual - although oddly the length of the cables suggests that this might have been done at the factory. I think both digitizer cards run on a different backplane. It was neither of these cards, and unsurprisingly therefore swapping the location of the other cards to that shown in the manual made no difference.

I've not had a chance to go through each card yet and reseat the ROM's etc. - this will be next on my list. I also took a look in the manual. Based on the LED's and also the front panel LED patters, the fault is supposed to be in the main CPU/memory cards. Thanks TekTom for your suggestion - I can also imagine that a fault in the display and/or digitizer IO boards might generate the fault seen - will check the test points.

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