Re: Front panel knob removal on 2225 (or 2xxx series)?

Roy Morgan

Inspired by watch repair methods:

A couple pieces of hacksaw blade, de-toothed and shaped on a grinding wheel, then bent into short armed L shape, could make a fine pair of levers to get the knobs free. Apply pressure equally on both sides, with the tips well in toward the shaft/center of the knob. Fabric or even paper towel layered under the pivot point prevents panel damage.


On Feb 23, 2019, at 6:21 PM, Chuck Harris <cfharris@...> wrote:

It isn't that you need to make the knob expand, it is
simply a matter of warming the plastic a little so it
isn't quite so brittle.

You must, I repeat must, pull the knob straight off of the
shaft. I recently started using a pair of fine pointed
needle nosed pliers. I pull the knob up to clear the panel,
then stick the points to the knob's skirt's outer edges
and pry up gently. They come off very easily.
Roy Morgan
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