11801 and other 1180XX Sampling Scopes.

Egge Siert

Hi Reginald and others,

I looked at ended eBay Auctions and assume the 11801 you bought is the one which auction ended on March the 7th.

As far as I know all 11801 and 11802 (the Monochrooms) Models have a Fast Rise Calibrator (with the Gold Plated APC 3.5mm Female Connector) build in. This is the same Pulser as used in (one half of) the SD-24 and the 067-1338-XX Calibration Step Generator. Some early CSA803's also have it.

With respect to the CSA's. B's are never produced and all types have a Color Display. Color 11801's exist in the A,B and C variety.

Sometimes you can be lucky. There are 067-1338-XX'a and SD-24's with a Calculated Risetime of 11/12ps. Nice to see their Pulse on a SD-30/32. Intriging is the fact that for the "slow" Heads an 067-1338-XX is used for evaluating their Risetime (see SD Service Manuals), but not for the SD-32 (and I assume also for the SD-30).


Egge Siert

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