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Good job!!!!!

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Users on the TEK500 group suggested I re-post this here.

For those interested, I have been working on a DC508 display replacement board starting with a design from Steve M. that was I think was derived from Paul's design from back in 2013. Basically I made changes to the board for fit and to put all of the SMT parts on the display side in the correct orientation. The diodes that isolated the decimal points were changed to dual diodes in series to slightly reduce the brightness. Also added 100 ohm series resistors in line with the display segment drive lines in case the brightness there needed adjusting. I still have to reduce the brightness of the discrete LEDs, even the low output LEDs of today are brighter than the originals TEK used. For now I will likely just change the resistors on the DC508 main board or add resistors in series in line on the LED cable harness. I think that the Mouser LED I have on the BOM now should be less bright than the ones I currently use, but have not purchased any yet to try.

See pictures at:

I have two assembled boards and 8 extra bare boards. Note: board finish is tin/lead HASL, not RoHS compliant.
All parts are in stock and available at Mouser for about $30.
I can supply the remaining bare boards for $20 each plus shipping.
If there is enough interest I can get another batch of boards.
These are all SMT parts except for the headers...
I have not decided on a price yet for the assembled boards, they take about 2 hours to build..

If interested send me your PAYPAL e-mail direct and I will invoice for the board + shipping. I think I can do first class mail on these.
If they run out, I will let you know if/when more will be available


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