Re: WTB 7104 Instruction Manual Revised Jul 1987 (070-2314-00)

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Maybe Q service?


On 3/11/2019 11:53 AM, Bill wrote:

I know you are not looking for a PDF but I have a scan of a 7104 manual dated "First Printing NOV 1978, Revised FEB 1989". In the "MANUAL CHANGE INFORMATION" at the rear of the manual the latest change is dated 4/20/88, "Change Reference C110/0588 Rev 2".
It matches up very nicely with the two 7104 late S/Ns (B074xxx and B084xxx) that I have. I am not sure where I got this scan from but I don't see the usual "watermarks" from Artekmanuals so I would guess I didn't buy it from Dave.

Just to let you know about the latest 7104 OP/SM that I have found out there on the web. Just FYI for everyone


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