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Mark, I totally agree with you. I like a real email client way way better than any webmail interface. As you said, your email disappears when the connection to the webmail server is lost.

I use Thunderbird and I've been totally happy with it for quite a long time. It handles all of the diverse email accounts that I have with no problem and is quite configurable.

Different strokes for different folks.... :-)


Mark Wendt wrote:
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On 3/6/19 21:43, Kyle Rhodes wrote:

Agreed Dave. I was surprised to see so many people still use Thunderbird, Eudora, and the like, complaining of attachments, etc.

I’ve been on Gmail since it was launched and I’ve never looked back. It also automagically threads conversations so there aren’t any concerns of who said what with the various complaints I see of people not quoting replies properly....

My $0.02 — everyone should at least try it.

Thunderbird will also thread conversations as this one was threaded. It's not because of the email reader that complaints from the attachments arose. The problem is the same whether an email reader or the webmail portal is used. The attachments are downloaded whether or not you use an email client or the web portal. For folks with limited data plans that's what causes the problems. I'm on a limited data plan as are a number of others. I may not be interested in a topic, yet I still have to download those images which I have no desire to see. The same would happen if I viewed my email in the web portal.

Upload the images to our pictures section and the I have the choice of whether I want to view those photos or not.

I've tried the web portal and dislike it. It's not available if I lose my connection, which can happen quite often in this northern rural area when storms and snow hit us. With the email client I store and save all the emails locally so they are available even if I'm offline.

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